CIVINTEC 2018 New Product Iot IP Network Smart Reader


CRYSTAL TOUCH is new flagship IoT web IP smart card reader with 3.5" touch screen reader, which incorporates with ISO18092 NFC and BLE for mobile phone applications, and dual 125KHz & 13.56MHz smart card identification technology. It's also featured with wiegand 26-256, RS485 OSDP and embedded TCP/IP(HTTP protocol/IoT web) and relay control to work with most brand of controllers on the market or build various kinds of cloud /PC based IoT solutions.

There're increasing new market demands that request not only work under standalone system but also server managed system and this is a cost-save smart solution, because it's with embedded web server and SDK to build Cloud software managed solution to replace costly controller unit, ideal to manage small amount staff or visitor, like hotel, small office, cleaning service for access control, time attendance.

The product saves your cost from the IoT system structure, but in the most innovative technology to make your solution outstanding.

1 - Support most of 13.56MHz smart cards on the market in AES advanced secure encryption to avoid the risk of card copy

2 - Support mobile credential through ISO18092 NFC and BLE (bluetooth low energy) to use mobile phone (workable for both Android mobile phone and iPhone) and receive online credential

3 - Support pin code in fixed, one-time or random for easy management.

4 - With TCP/IP (HTTP protocol) for cloud or PC software central management, relay output for electric lock control; It can be with WiFi on client's request.

5 - 3.5" Touch screen with programmable GUI for intuitive experience.

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